Holmen Market Insight December 2017

Amazon is one of the giant online retailers that have a strong influence on the consumers' expectations of their online shopping experience. One vital part of the experience are delivery and return options; where more and more consumers view the Amazon two-day delivery as the norm. Many retailers are also working with omnichannel sales (sales through several different channels) and the line between online and offline shopping is becoming more and more blurred. Pressure on quick delivery times combined with omnichannel strategies is creating a challenging situation for most retailers. Investments in supply chain are many times required and customer satisfaction over delivery times and options often doesn’t come cheap. The search for the ultimate supply chain concept is on, and perhaps some players are already close to finding it… Read the report to learn more!

As you can read in this month’s HMI report a fresh global study reports that consumers of news media still perceive printed news as the most credible news outlet. You will also be able to read about the three trends that are affecting the media landscape, the creativity in combining digital with direct mail in UK and Germany and much more.

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This report is a monthly market monitor produced by Holmen Insight Team, highlighting past month’s most interesting market news. The report covers trends, events, news and tendencies in and around the paper market.


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