Holmen Market Insight April 2018

People of today are typically not into waiting, we seem to simply have put it in our recent DNA to do and have things as soon as possible. For instance, have you ever become impatient waiting for a colleague or friend to reply to that particular e-mail or text message you just sent? Then you are most likely contributing to the current progress of the now economy. And why wait, when you can have it right away?


This phenomenon is, of course, also continuously affecting both consumers’ behavior as well as how various businesses differentiate. Instant interaction including extraordinary customer experiences are becoming increasingly more important, and these experiences are often driven by fast and highly individual content. It applies to all channels, devices and tools and it is transforming people’s overall consumption, communication and collaboration. And it is the speed that is vital – companies like Amazon, Uber and Snapchat have business concepts where speedy physical or virtual delivery is a unique selling point. However, more and more companies are moving into that very same direction as well. Whether in B2C or B2B, limits are constantly pushed to become better, faster and more serviceable than your competitors. If you don’t speed up, someone else will speed ahead – right now.


In this issue you can read about recent studies of the now economy, as well as the challenges in retail when this concept also has to be applicable to speedy and simple retail returns. This month’s issue also include topics such as the fight against plastic pollution and the online grocery challenge.


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This report is a monthly market monitor produced by Holmen Insight Team, highlighting past month’s most interesting market news. The report covers trends, events, news and tendencies in and around the paper market.



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