Holmen Market Insight February 2018

Circle Economy, a social enterprise, just launched their first “Circularity Gap Report” where they review the circular state of the planet – put in simple terms they look at the gap between what we use and what we cycle back. The report looks at main resource groups such as housing, mobility and nutrition and hence has a very wide scope. UN Environment statistics show that a fully circular economy would reduce the use of global natural resources with 28% and cut greenhouse gas emissions by 72%, quite fantastic results. Unfortunately the Circularity Gap Report highlights that we globally have a long way to go since over 90% of the raw material used today is not cycled back into the economy.

Plastics are one of the resources that today are widely used but far from optimized when it comes to reuse and recycling. As a result we have pollution both on land and sea which are growing at an alarming rate. In this report you can read about EU’s strategy to tackle this pollution as well as mounting pressure on companies to increase their transparency on plastic use and handling. You can also read about the effectiveness of on-train advertising as well as how to ensure that your organisation becomes innovative during 2018.

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