Holmen Market Insight June 2017

It’s easy to say that the “younger” generations aren’t interested in news and only spend their time on social media. But a recent study from L.E.K. Research and NEWSCYCLE Solutions shows that younger people are not only consuming a good amount of news, they are actually more willing to pay for it than other age groups. In the study L.E.K. Research and NEWSCYCLE Solutions were able to define five different types of newspaper subscribers, and their consumption of both digital and printed news is actually surprising! Download the report to get the full overview.

Apart from newsprint consumption June’s HMI report includes an extract from the recent media consumption forecast made by Zenith Media, useful advice if you are considering allocating part of your advertising budget to influencer marketing and some interesting developments within the direct mail segment. And of course a lot more!

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Ps. We hope you will have a great summer holiday! We intend to enjoy some free time as well, so the HMI report will take a holiday break and be back after summer.

HMI - Holmen Market Insight

This report is a monthly market monitor produced by Holmen Insight Team, highlighting past month’s most interesting market news. The report covers trends, events, news and tendencies in and around the paper market.


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