Holmen Market Insight June 2018

What reality are you in? These days it’s not very certain that we all are in the same reality, since new reality technologies are emerging very fast. Perhaps augmented reality (AR) first became known to a wider audience with the launch of the mobile device game Pokémon Go, where millions of people around the world chased various creatures in an augmented reality using only their mobile phone. Virtual reality (VR) is yet to be commercialized among the general public in the same way, but the
possibilities are really endless. The VR environment can be very similar to the real world, but it can also create an experience not possible in an ordinary physical reality.

And then there are the robots… Currently popularized through HBO’s hit TV series “Westworld”, where they are labelled as “hosts”, the robots highlight a decadent and gloomy future. Nevertheless, robots have in fact been around in our society for quite some time, helping us with for instance monotonous momentums within production. The next natural step is applying artificial intelligence (AI) to the robots, meaning that machines can be cognitive enough to learn and solve new problems.

At Holmen, we always explore new technology and actually already use robotics in some parts of our production. However, we will first and foremost always be people – people committed to our customers. In this issue of Holmen Market Insight you can read about the retail technology revolution, as well as the sustainable shopping challenge. This issue also include new research on Asian shopping behaviour and the topic of augmented packaging opportunities.


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This report is a monthly market monitor produced by Holmen Insight Team, highlighting past month’s most interesting market news. The report covers trends, events, news and tendencies in and around the paper market.



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