Holmen Market Insight March 2017


“A unique opportunity to create a powerhouse” – yes, we fully agree with this statement from Peter Andreou, CEO and Executive Chairman of CirclePrinters regarding their announced merge with Roto Smeets Group. The vision behind the merge is to build a competitive industrial platform that can offer innovation and value adding services to their customers. A yearly combined processing of 750,000 – 800,000 tonnes of paper places them in the top three of European printers, alongside Bertelsmann and Walstead. Many say that the print market will continue to consolidate, and with a new giant entering the scene they will most likely be proven right in their predictions. Will they become a vehicle for further growth as Andreou predicted in his statement? Let’s hope so!

In this month’s issue we can also report about closures, insolvency processes and conversions in the graphic paper market. But there are still those who believe in the power of the printed word.

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