Holmen Market Insight November 2017

You can’t deny that online shopping is highly convenient; it’s easy to compare prices, you can find exactly what you want by a quick search or a few clicks and you usually have convenient delivery options to choose from. The downside is that you can’t experience the products until you get them delivered to your home. Instead you have to base your buying decision on one sense alone; sight. But how important isn’t the feel of the fabric in a piece of clothing, the smell of a luxurious hand cream or the uplifting music played in the physical store? This is what sensory marketing is all about; stimulating more of the consumers’ senses to enhance their shopping experience. Several online brands are realising that sight alone is sometimes not enough, which has resulted in a new trend to open showrooms. Read on to find out more.

In this month’s report you can also read about why the European podcast market is still lagging behind the US one, how prices for pulp and paper are ticking upwards and the impact of adblocking in 2017.

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