Holmen Market Insight September 2017

Most marketers are of course aware of the importance of using a media mix to support their communication, brand building and marketing. One channel and message is not enough to reach your target groups. But are companies challenging their media mix often enough? It’s easy to continue down the same well-traveled road as everyone else around you, if your competitors use social media marketing of course you should do the same! Or should you? Assuming that you should do the same as everyone around you is a quick way to not stand out from the crowd, and potentially end up with an out-dated media mix. Instead you ought to continually question, evaluate and update your media mix. In this report you will find several insights and updates to support you in this work.

You can also read about the tough situation for Newsprint and Improved news in North America where closures of over 500,000 tonnes have now been announced. In Europe the situation continues to look challenging for Norske Skog and recycled paper deliveries to China are about to take a big hit. The outlook is however brighter on the specialty paper market.

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